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Cotton t-shirt fabric - Tapestries cotton knitted fabric knitted fabric factory

Update:19 Aug
Cotton clothing feels good to wear and is one of the common T-shirt fabrics. Cotton t-shirt fabric is naturally soft, feels rich and thick, and is perfect for wearing. In daily life, cotton t-shirt fabric is often ordinary T-shirt, high-end T-shirt and other ordinary cotton fabric options, cotton t-shirt fabric also has many kinds, there are ordinary combed cotton sweat cloth, there is also long-staple cotton sweat cloth, and high-end mercerized cotton cotton t-shirt fabric.

Cotton knitted fabric is cotton as textile raw materials, through the knitting machine weaving textiles, generally speaking, cotton containing more than 95% of cotton is pure cotton. Cotton knitted fabric is divided into cotton sweat cloth, cotton double-sided cloth, cotton bead ground fabric, cotton sweat cloth fabric. According to the different tissue structure and fabric processing methods, cotton knitted fabric types can be subdivided into more than 20 kinds of fabrics.

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