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Understand the production process of flat knitting

Update:24 Aug
The production process of flat knitting.  

Nowadays, the horizontal machine ribbing has been developed in the garment industry, and the production process of horizontal machine ribbing has gradually matured and formed a set of its own standard production process.  

1. Raw material inspection: After the raw material is in the warehouse, the laboratory department needs to sample the batch of goods in time to check whether the color difference, color fastness, color flower, yarn count, etc. of the raw material meets the production requirements and is stored according to different classification requirements.  

2. Yarn winding: After confirming the yarn, the yarn needs to be waxed or oiled in order to carry out the next process. When pouring the yarn, different colors should be separated in order to avoid mixing.  

3. Receiving and dispatching room: After the yarn is processed, the receiving and dispatching room needs to check the color number, count and batch number of the yarn and send it to the operator according to the production volume, and do the dispatching and retrieval time and complete the report.  

4. Flat knitting machine: Before knitting, we need to debug the flat knitting machine equipment, and we can start to express the process after the process density is suitable, and the process of knitting should be colorful to prepare qualified works according to the process requirements.  

5. Semi-finished products inspection: the piece of clothing will be shaped after weaving, but this is only semi-finished products, the semi-finished products need to be inspected to see if the pattern and size match, and record the weight of the piece of clothing, before the inspection of the piece of clothing stretching phenomenon, to retract its processing.  

Before leaving the factory, we also need to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the horizontal machine ribbing, mainly to check whether the appearance of the finished product has no stains, whether the process is in line with customer requirements, to determine the qualified, it will be packaged and sent to customers.