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Talking about what kind of fabric has better water absorption effect

Update:31 Aug
Summer is coming. Those little brothers and sisters who prefer to sweat are very concerned about summer clothes, and they will buy some clothes with good water absorption. Which fabrics have better water absorption properties?

1. For all cotton fabrics with good water absorption effect, it is necessary to mention all cotton fabrics, because the main raw material of all cotton materials is cotton, and the clothing fabrics produced by textile processing have the characteristics of moisture absorption, moisture retention, heat resistance and alkali resistance. , health and other characteristics. The reason why cotton clothes have good hygroscopicity is that the cotton cellulose components in the raw materials have good hygroscopicity. The clothes after textile processing are worn on the body, the fabric will not be too stiff, and the softness is appropriate, giving people a comfortable feeling. .

 2. Flax Flax is a kind of fabric produced by herbal plants through textile processing. It is often used to make coats, coats and knitted sweaters, of which most of them are made into knitted sweaters. This is because knitted sweaters are the single clothes that people prefer to wear in summer. They are more comfortable on the upper body and are not afraid of sweating. Although the sweat absorption effect of linen sweaters is not as good as that of cotton, it is still good.

 3. The main feature of clothes made of this type of fabric is that they are refreshing, cool to the touch, and they are close-fitting and refreshing. In summer, the body sweats, and the sweat will be washed directly by the clothes.